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Media Recruitment Offices
London: 0208 525 4844 Manchester: 0161 300 8948
Abu Dhabi: +971 (0)2401 2707

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Freelance Recruitment

At The Crewing Company, we have spent the last seven years developing relationships with the finest freelance talent in the Creative Sector and now represent over a thousand them!

The freelancers we work with are world class and carefully selected, not only for their creative and technical capabilities but for their attitude, people skills and work ethic.

We represent talent from all over the UK, including London and Manchester, in:
Camera & Sound

Studio & Gallery


Broadcast & Operations

Editors & Post Production

VFX, Motion Graphics & Animation

Hair, Makeup & Wardrobe

Freelance  Broadcast Media and Recruitment Locations

Whether you just need a location camera crew for a day or need help staffing an entire production, our team of experts have the talent you need at their finger tips. We take care of all paperwork, including contracts and invoicing, so customers can enjoy the benefits of a single point of contact along with advice and support throughout the entire process, from enquiry and booking to delivery and billing.

Call us now on 0208 525 4844 or email us at
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