Why Use Our Freelancers?

We represent the finest freelance off camera talent working in video content creation today. The freelancers we work with are world class and carefully selected, not only for their creative and technical capabilities but for their attitude, people skills and work ethic. Fewer than 5% of the freelancers who apply for representation with us are successful in securing a place on our books. We specialise in Video Editors (Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid & FCP) and Motion Graphics Designers but you can hover over the icons to see all the grades we cover.

Camera & Sound

Editors & Post Production

Editors and Post Production Freelancers

VFX, Motion, Animation

Freelance Production Crew

Camera & Sound

Studio & Gallery Freelancers

Studio & Gallery

FX, Motion, Animation Designers


Hair & Makeup

Hair & Makeup

Freelance Photography


Broadcast & Operations Freelancers

Broadcast Operations

Permanent Hire & Fixed Term Contract

We like to think of our process as a partnership.

You are looking to fill a gap in your Company, and we provide the means to fill that gap – as seamlessly and effortlessly as possible!

With your knowledge of the skills that you require, your current team and what you look for in an ideal Employee and our knowledge of recruitment networks, current talent pool and available resources for finding new talent, we should be able to work together to find you the ideal candidate who can grow along with your business.

The majority of the process we will undertake on your behalf, consulting with you as and when required, and providing regular updates on progress. We know that recruitment can be a time consuming and expensive task and so we aim to take the difficulty out of Recruitment for you, with a transparent process and all fees explained up front. Hopefully that way there will be no surprises along the way.