Recent Permanent Placements

Production Coordinator
International Broadcaster

Post Production Support Engineer
Integrated Creative Agency

Virtual Reality Content Producer

Visual Effects Compositor
Global Marketing Implementation Business

Edit Assistant / MCR Support
International Content Company

Advertising Agency

Leading Multi-Platform Producer

Line Producer
Specialist Education & Training Business

Post Production Coordinator
Advertising Agency

Associate Creative Director
Qatari Production Company

Senior Video Editor
Qatari Production Company

Reversioning Video Editor
Major International Broadcaster

VT Operator
Global Sports & Media Business

Edit Assistant
Global Marketing Implementation Business

News Video Editor
Online News Broadcaster

Producer Director
International Content Company

Media Traffic Officer
Music, Kids and Entertainment Broadcaster

Project Manager – Lighting Systems
Specialist Lighting, Sound and AV Business

Sports News Producer
International Content Producer

Segment Producer
News Broadcaster

We like to think of our process as a partnership.

You are looking to fill a gap in your Company, and we provide the means to fill that gap – as seamlessly and effortlessly as possible!

With your knowledge of the skills that you require, your current team and what you look for in an ideal Employee and our knowledge of recruitment networks, current talent pool and available resources for finding new talent, we should be able to work together to find you the ideal candidate who can grow along with your business.

The majority of the process we will undertake on your behalf, consulting with you as and when required, and providing regular updates on progress. We know that recruitment can be a time consuming and expensive task and so we aim to take the difficulty out of Recruitment for you, with a transparent process and all fees explained up front. Hopefully that way there will be no surprises along the way.

Our Process

The process starts with you. What do you want? Who would be the best fit for your Company?

Once you have confirmed that you would like us to begin a search on your behalf a member of the team will discuss with you in detail the position you are looking to fill, the culture of your Company and the key attributes that would make an individual right for you.

Do you have one of your own, or do you need our help in creating a Job Description and Person Specification?

If you have a Job Description and Person Specification already then we will be guided by that in order to select suitable candidates for the role. If you do not have any, then our team will work with you to create them on your behalf.

Either way you can rest assured that we will match Candidate suggestions as closely as possible to the Qualifications, Skills, Experience and Competencies you require.

We can handle all advertising on your behalf at no additional cost to you – using a network of specific Industry related sites, dependent on the role.

If you wish for the post to be advertised externally, then we will arrange this on your behalf. We would always recommend this approach as it will enable us to increase the talent pool available to you. We will ensure to only advertise on relevant publications, job boards or forums in addition to adding the Vacancy to our own website, and will not mention your Company name in the advertisement.

However if you would like us to source Candidates for you without advertising the role externally we can certainly do this, and have a wealth of talent that we are able to draw from in order to find you the ideal Candidate.

We will use our internal and external resources to hunt for your perfect Candidate and vet them for you before sending them across.

Once the Job Description and Person Specification have been confirmed the team will begin sourcing potential Candidates for you which will create a ‘long list’ of Candidates for us to work through.

In order to ensure that each Candidate is truly suitable for the role and for your Company a member of the team will interview those on the list, and undergo suitability checks for each one. These checks include verifying their identity, qualifications and previous work experience as well as getting to the bottom of how they ‘tick’ and whether or not we feel that they would offer a positive contribution to your existing team.

The process of whittling down the long list is done initially by our team to create a shortlist of the best Candidates for your role.

A shortlist of CV’s for suitable Candidates will be sent to you in order for you to select those Candidates that you wish to Interview for the role.

The team will continue sourcing at this point to ensure that there are other options in the pipeline should they be required, and so may continue to send over suitable options whilst you are reviewing the shortlist.

You let us know who you want to interview and we will arrange them for you so all you need to do is decide if any Candidates tick all your boxes.

The team will arrange interviews on your behalf, at times and locations of your choosing. Upon completion of the interviews, a member of the team will contact you to get feedback on the Candidates you have met.

If you do not feel that you are ready to make an offer at this stage, then the team will work with the feedback you have given in order to adapt their sourcing if necessary. The team will also debrief any Candidates who have not been successful.

We can take the discomfort out of the offer stage for you by acting as negotiator between yourself and your prospective new recruit.

All you need to do is let us know what offer you would like to make, we will then get in touch with the successful candidate and let them know of your offer on your behalf and handle any negotiations that may arise.

If you do not feel that you are ready to make an offer at this stage, then the team will work with the feedback you have given in order to adapt their sourcing if necessary. The team will also debrief any Candidates who have not been successful.

We will then hand over to your Human Resources department to handle the relevant internal processes to contract the new recruit.